Lustre: Logical operation(blend) between layers

Ildus Gabidullin Feb 8, 2016

  1. Almost any colorist starts with Photoshop. In Flame have Adobe Photoshop mode logicOp but in Lustre is missing. How you can use logicOp without recourse to the Flame. Who and as uses in Lustre, logical operations (blend) between layers. Initially, many systems already have such capabilities, the DaVinci Mistika Pablo Nucoda and how it makes the Lustre???

    I mean these modes
    Thank you very much for the answer
  2. Hi Ildus.

    First, I don't work for Autodesk or any other manufacturer. I use Lustre, but also Resolve, Nucoda, Flame, Nuke, etc. You are correct. Lustre does not have the composite or blend modes you mentioned. However, Lustre IS a sister-program to Flame and has good (and improving) links to Flame, which DOES have the blend modes you note. The workflow is a little different due to Lustre being connected to Flame, unlike any other color system. Lustre is really for color ONLY, and if you want to do FX type compositing, that's done in Flame. You can easily round-trip between the two.

    This doesn't really seem to hinder things. You'll note that Lustre was the grading tool for 3 of the 5 nominated films in this year's ASC Feature Cinematography awards, 2 of the 5 Oscar nominees for Best Cinematography, and has been the system used on the previous 2 year's Oscar winners. Blend modes are fun (I personally love them), but far from essential.

    I hope this answers your questions.
  3. Thanks Gray, for Your extended response
    But I was trying to find an answer to my question, in the Internet and found.
    Great plugins Workflowers from C├ędric Lejeune.Namely, the WF_Rewire, which has a logical modes and also can work as a Channel Mixer (Nucoda).

    Mix, Add, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Softlight, Hardlight, Color Burn, Darken, all there is there is and no need to jump into the Flame
  4. Hi Ildus.

    Actually, I AM familiar with Cedric's tools (and he's also a good friend of mine). While his tools are good, and may solve your particular problems, there are intrinsic limitations in the SDK & general system operation that Lustre provides that means that his tools are more limited than built-in tools in other systems. I, for instance, like to combine outside images (smoke, rain, dirt, etc.) using blend modes, but can't do that given Lustre's limits.

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