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Marc Wielage Sep 3, 2016

  1. I just happened to bump into a section of Vimeo that I noticed had more than a dozen free tutorials on Mistika, some up to 27 minutes long. The link is here:


    SGO does a very good job with these, and I applaud the fact that they furnish them at no charge and make them available for download. There's a lot of unusual design principles in Mistika that sets it apart from a lot of other color-correction software out there, and I think it's worth looking at, regardless of what platform you're currently on.

    This is a 10-minute video that goes over Mistika's basic operation.

  2. You can access the Mistika Tips & Tricks videos, and a bunch of user testimonial videos, via the SGO website:


    I'm a real fan of Mistika as I love the Hero approach, having grown-up on a Quantel iQ/Pablo and Mistika takes that approach a lot further.

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  3. Nico's demo on frequency separation is really good, very well explained.
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  4. Eventhough I'm mostly a Resolve user (and a little bit of Nucoda...) I love to watch these tutorials. They're well done and very informative. You always pick up something.
  5. Exactly.
  6. i'm also fascinated by mistika.
    what i really like about SGOs software, is the fact, that it scales much better than most other high end solutions.
    that's why i would really like to see a demo version like the flame training edition for mistika as well. right now you have to test mamba, to gather some practical impressions.
    testing some software on your own hardware, is often the most useful way, to get a feeling, how well some software solution works and reacts under real world conditions.
  7. There is actually Mistika Insight, a windows training version of Mistika. Sent them an email if you're interested.

  8. right! -- thanks! -- but unfortunately i'm a linux die hard ;)
    but for sure, windows is a more familiar os for most interested people.

    i have to add, SGOs mamba comes with a very user friendly linux installer!
    it's much more comfortable to install/remove than most similar software.
    if something like this would be available for testing of mistika on linux as well, it could be a very impressive paragon.
  9. Mistika runs on SUSE, which is not the friendliest of distros with all that crazy security OS lockdown model. I wish it was ported to something friendlier, like CentOS or RedHat...
  10. It does. And it'll get you up to speed with the SGO toolset. And it's got a free demo version. And it'll work on many flavors of linux.
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  11. Hi all!

    Actually, Mistika v8.6 which will be released soon will run on CentOS!
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