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Bledar Cili Jan 11, 2017

  1. Hi Everyone, i use demo Mocha ofx plugins for Resolve and i test it but everytime crash, you have any experienc with it????
  2. I this the one which is meant for Fusion perhaps ?
  3. Out of curiosity, what are you trying to do with Mocha in Resolve that the built in tracker can't accomplish?
  4. there's so many things that the Resolve tracker cannot get close to good enough... dozens of shots last week alone...

    good ebnough for soft masks around a key? absolutly!
    fast as a fast tracker can be? totaly!
    accurate enough to track a window frame with a hard edge? total absolute, utter, complete fail....

    i use Mocha inside BCC in Resolve, works when the Resolve trackers fail, much much slower, and much much more accurate.. could not imageine going back to Resolve without BCC...

    Or actualy i could, it would just mean alot of roundtripping to the point that Resolve ends being slower getting through a day when compared to working in a more widerangeing toolset that has accurate trackers but slower overall gradeing tools.... kinda where Resolve was at before BCC + Mocha was supported
  5. I have mocha pro plus the full suite of plugins, I believe the OFX version is still beta for resolve, it's only currently fully compatible with nuke and fusion. Occasionally it was a bit buggy for me in resolve but generally has been fine.

    Mocha pro does a lot of stuff better and more accurate than resolve. If I need a highly accurate tracking and masking or object removal it's my go to tool.
  6. Yeah I have used it extensively in After Effects, just never thought to try it out in Resolve, but I can see where it would have its benefits now that I am considering it.
  7. Mocha is in a class by itself -- I wish the tracker in Resolve was even half that good.
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