Naming Clips on Canon C500 and Odyssey 7Q, can they be exactly the same?

Pierre-Luc Boucher Feb 4, 2016


How to edit with C500 Proxies comming straight from the CF cards and Grade the Odyssey 7Q masters.

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  1. I'm trying to set up a quick way to work with proxies (directly from c500 CF cards) and Raw or Prores 4444 (from odyssey7q) files on DaVinci Resolve.

    The time code matches but I can't find the way to name the clips the same way in both the odyssey and the c500. Odyssey has 8-10 characters and digits and C500 has 2 characters and 4 digits. Also, Odyssey 7Q often splits Prores files in multiple clips this makes it impossible to reconnect.

    Davinci resolve doesn't recognize the footage when I try to replace. Instead, I have to manually rename all the clips in Finder. Then, when i've imported the XML from Premiere Pro I choose to connect to the Prores Footage and it works. So my question is, how do I do this without having to manually rename the clips?
  2. The Canon approved workflow is to shoot their native Canon rmf sequences. Otherwise it doesn't relink. I've had a heck of a time matching a multicam edit that wasn't done this way. They wanted to shoot DPX 2K for some reason, totally different file names from the MXF proxies.

    I transcoded them to ProRes XQ and then batch renamed them in A Better Finder Rename. Because it was multicam I had to go in and check shot to shot and force relink to the B or A cam whichever was opposite.

    Oh, and the best part, the lengths are different! So you have to slide the shots into sync.

    FYI, tell people that to shoot 4K RAW on the Canon is 12mb per frame where as 2K DPX is 10mb. They save a whopping 20% on hard drive space and create a lot of hellish work by shooting 2K DPX and get 1/4 the resolution. Smart.
  3. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    I empathize with your sync issues, but 2K DPX is the standard in major film and TV productions. I don't know if conserving storage space was the main consideration. When you need to inter-operate with a large number of post and vfx vendors, other than EXR, there is no better format.

    However, I will say that most of the time we get the camera raw files on LTO and do the conversion to DPX ourselves.
  4. That's because of the file size limit on the file system of the Odyssey SSDs. It's a pretty common situation with many recording systems.

    Convergent Design provide a piece of free software called CD ProRes Transfer Utility which combines the split clips into singe files. It also creates metadata XMLs. You can use it to combine the files as you transfer them from the SSD, but you can also use it to combine files which have previously been manually copied.
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  5. For post production. Not for production, at least not since the "bad old days" of S.two and early Codex recorders. And I would offer the opinion that in many cases for VFX - and occasionally even for DI - Open EXR is even more of a "standard" for file exchange.

    Yes. Which contradicts your first statement.
  6. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    The spirit of my comment was that for indie projects, recording directly to DPX is a reasonable option if you don't have a stack of OSD boxes and an I/O Dept at your disposal. If you do, then certainly, send them your tapes and let them take care it.

  7. I understand that. But it's still not an optimal answer to the original poster's issue. A better answer is to either use Resolve's reel name extraction string to extract a part of the file name that can be matched on the original files (and then to bring in the original files using a reel name extraction string that generates the same thing), or to talk to the Odyssey people (Mitch Gross is the one I would go to) about their available options for file naming. Granted, it's too late for the second suggestion, but it's not too late for the first. If the naming is completely different, and there is no commonality between the original names and the proxy names, then there is no sensible solution because one or the other will need to renames to achieve a match. But my guess is that is not the case, at least it shouldn't be if anyone along the line was paying attention....
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