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Ken Sirulnick Dec 7, 2016

  1. I had thought this was working in the newest Baselight for Avid but it doesn't seem to work on my system. I have all my baselight fx on a filler track in MC on top of the clips and divided as 1 baselight effect for every clip but I can't skip to the next clip without closing the Baselight UI.
  2. Ken,

    Color fwd/back works perfectly here to go from one clip to the next, as does Nav + Fwd/Back to skip between matching filtered clips, and i always stay in the Baselight UI until i close it, what version of BLE do you have? might it be an older installer?
  3. Both the current release available here:
    ..and the current 4.4m1 beta release (which Dermot is referring to) can jump to the next/previous shot.

    What version are you running, Ken?
  4. Actually, since you can subdivide, you must be running a version which support next/previous navigation. Rather than using F5/F6, does it work when using the options in the "Navigation" menu? If so, perhaps you're running on a Mac which doesn't have the "Use F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys" option on?
  5. I have 4.4.8713. It's also a 30 day free trial. F5 and F6 definately don't work.
  6. As Dermot mentioned, you can use the forward and back keys on the MC Color to go to the next shot or previous shot. This is what I normally do and I've never had any problems.
  7. Ken;
    could this be the issue? are you running it on your trashcan?
    no issues on my HP's/windoze 10
  8. I'll check. Could be. yes, Trashcan.
  9. As I asked earlier, do the "Next Shot" and "Previous Shot" options work in the "Navigate" menu?

    What version of MC are you running?
  10. Ken.
    You need to come down and let Martin, who's the lead developer of the software to help you by answering his question.
    I'm pretty sure he already found the reason why it's not working ("If so, perhaps you're running on a Mac which doesn't have the "Use F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys"), but for some reason, you keep gnoring his question...
  11. I'm not ignoring Martin. I've been in a screening with clients all day and working on 3 different shows with deadlines and revisions to get out the door so haven't had time to really get into it. Next shot and previous shot were not working. I will test all this in the next couple of days when I have a moment and report back. I truly appreciate everyones help and am looking forward to getting deeper into Baselight.
  12. I'm on the last version of Yosemite
  13. Navigation menu doesn't work. Subdivide doesn't completely work. Only divides some clips but not all. I ended up dividing most of the clips in MC manually. i spoke to a friend at Technicolor here in NYC who uses Baselight a lot, who uses the reformat effect in MC which always works vs Baselight which he claims doesn't always work properly.
  14. Again, what version of Media Composer are you running? Talking to a colleague, he said that Avid broke the API we use to do next/previous shot for a small number of versions around Media Composer 8.6.3. Once he upgraded to 8.6.4 it was working again. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what to suggest - you are the only person who has reported F5/F6 not working in recent versions of BL for Avid. Perhaps the next step would be for you to DM me an AAF of your project so I can see if there is anything weird about that.

    In terms of subdivide, we do the best we can based on the information we receive from AVX - we subdivide based on metadata like timecode/clip name & tape name. If there is a metadata discontinuity, we subdivide, otherwise we don't. Using Reformat or Pan&Scan to do the same thing is always better because it is Avid code and they have access to the actual cut below. Subdivide in Baselight is there as a convenience so that you don't need to leave the UI, but it certainly can fail with certain editing styles.
  15. By "MC", I meant "Media Composer" - I'm sorry, I should have been clearer.
  16. Hi Martin,

    I'm on 8.6.4 MC. I will look into this more this afternoon.

  17. This has been my experience as well when I use baselight in the avid. If you're doing a show for broadcast, remember to take advantage of the nice soft clip roll off that is built into the plugin. Really nice compared to the harsh avid safe colors effect. The only thing is you have to set it up per instance of the plug in. So I set it up first on a filler track with the soft clip on, then option drag the pan and scan effect over that track and subdivide. Then select all the new edits and remove effect on the subdivide, leaving only the baselight filters on that filler track. Works pretty well.
  18. Where do you turn this on?
  19. In Keyboard preferences
  20. I'm looking at that now and don't see this. Under Keyboard. No option about standard function keys.

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