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Ken Sirulnick Dec 7, 2016

  1. My bad Martin, this system is on 8.6.3 MC. I'll upgrade this evening and hopefully that will take care of it. Thanks!
  2. You must use Apple keyboard. Otherwise the option is not there.

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  3. I still need to upgrade my MC version but I don't see this option in my Keyboard prefs.
  4. As I already asked you, is your keyboard an Apple Keyboard?
  5. Yes Jake, it's an Apple brand keyboard but I don't know if there's a particular "Apple Keyboard" setting. If there is, I don't know where to set that up in preferences.
  6. Unless you figure out why you're not seeing that keyboard setting, that is in the screenshot I posted, next/previous (F5/F6) shot will not work. That menu only shows up, when computer sees Mac keyboard. Otherwise that menu is not there. Is your keyboard connected directly to the computer or you use some kind of switch to share keyboard with another computer? In that case even Mac keyboard doesn't work correctly. I had that happened to me...
  7. Yes, connected directly to Trashcan. I'm installing MC 8.6.5 now. Hopefully that will work.
  8. Updated MC to 8.6.5 and F5/F6 work correctly! Thanks everyone. And Jake, I still don't have that Function key option in keyboard prefs but all is working.
  9. For those interested in shot-to-shot navigation in Baselight for Avid, we've just released a new beta build where this is *much* improved. It now includes a "Shot Bar" showing all the cuts in the current track, allowing you to scrub directly to any other shot.

    It also includes the Workspace code ported from full Baselight, as well as the ability to save the Avid project from within the Baselight UI.

  10. This looks pretty interesting. Is that the layers button from cutview? What does the navigate:tape means? Can we do sort of correlational grading as symphony?
  11. Yes, that is the Layer View from Daylight. Yes, you can paste by tape name, clip name etc and navigate in the same way.
  12. Where can I get an installer for the beta?
  13. Hi Mike,

    I've just added you to the mailing list. You should have received an email with a download link and a beta serial number.
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  14. This is exciting! Gonna run the Beta version next week and dig into it!
  15. This is an awesome development! I would love to give this a try aswell. I'm very interested in the Baselight workflow for my studio. With the addition of a 'timeline' in Baselight Editions this seams actually the perfect moment to dig into this. @Martin: If i may be so bold, is it possible for me to also be added to the mailing list for the Beta?
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  16. Sure DM an email address and I can add you to the list.

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