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Pat Rossine Oct 13, 2016

  1. Hi All,

    I am posting on here because I am looking for some feedback on my work in order to become a better Colorist. Any feedback is welcome. Please let me know what you all think! It was shot with a Canon 5D MKIII.

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  2. It looks very nice -- very poppy, and I like the tweaky depth of field stuff. Very nice vignettes and windows. Beautiful work, Pat.

    The camera has some "clippy" moments with face tone here and there, but I'm assuming that's just the way it is. My only other technical critique is I'm seeing some speed glitches here and there, but I dunno if this is a YouTube issue, an encoding issue, or an actual speed-change problem. It's not a color issue per se, but it is distracting.
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  3. I like it, I think it's pretty and has a nice feel.

    Critique wise, watching on my phone, like Marc Said the beginning looks like it has been slowed down to create some slow motion but it looks very stuttery. Probably change the retime settings to something a bit more smoother.

    Some of the scenes he seems to have blotchy skin which potentially could have been dealt with. Additionally at points it felt there was a bit of mismatch in contrast/black levels between shots.
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  4. Hi Marc,

    Thank you for the feedback! The director loved it when I finished the music video a few months back. I just haven't been able to ask for feedback from other Colorists until now. However, it means a lot to know that you both like my work! The speed glitches are really due to the director shooting a slow motion sequence at 24fps instead of 60fps because we only had access to a Canon 5d MkIII which does not support 60fps. However, I am curious, where do you see these "clippy" moments with the face tone? Again, thank you for the feedback! I am just curious about the face tones because it could be another thing for me to look out for on future projects.
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  5. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for everything! Yes, there are parts that had to be slowed down, but that is because as I said above- the slow motion segments were shot in 24fps instead of 60 because we did not have the budget for a new camera that could shoot 60fps. The choppy framerate was something that the director wanted. On that note I was wondering if you know of a way to convert the footage from 24fps to 60? As far as the blotchy skin/mismatch in black levels/contrast are concerned, I am well aware that those things could have been fixed. However, this was my first time working in Resolve. It was a spur of the moment decision because I was having issues with FCP X, I had a deadline to meet, and I really wanted to switch over to something more robust. So I moved everything over to DaVinci. There were some 'hiccups' but I haven't looked back since. Oh and again thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback!
  6. For a couple :44 seconds in, the shot of the guy with the guitar -- parts of the face and hands are blown out. and again at :56. Forehead is clipped at 2:47, hand again at 4:06. On a music thing like this, I'll jump off a cliff to try to make the artist look more or less perfect in every shot on the theory that they're essentially the "product" being sold. I'm sympathetic, because those nasty little DSLRs are prone to overload, and it's a big reason why I try to dissuade people from using them. The hope is that a 10-bit camera shoot Raw might give us that extra stop necessary to save the shot.

    Given what you had to work with, I think it looks fine. There are things that can be done to take the curse off clipped skies, clipped faces, and stuff like that, but a lot of it is fudging and windowing and softening, anything to take the edge off. I had a horror film in the spring where a bunch of windows were unnecessarily blown-out, and I wound up using a glow filter which really took the curse off. Anything that makes it sizzle less is generally a good thing.

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