Proper Anamorphic Workflow

Andrea Bonomelli Dec 16, 2016

  1. Hello

    I was wondering how do you setup a proper anamorphic workflow in Resolve

    My steps so far
    1 - receive anamorphic footage (Alexa 2048x1536 4:3 with 2x Anamorphic Lenses)
    2 - Set timeline to source resolution (changing project pixels between square and cinemascope doesn't affect anything for me. Is it normal?)
    3 - import footage and change PAR to cinemascope
    4 - add 2.39 blanking
    5 - grade
    6 - loose the blanking
    7 - Deliver 2K 2.39 = 2048x858
    ( If I want to online in Premiere then I deliver source resolution but a crop has to be applied, correct? Can I deliver for TV or web without the proper aspect ratio?)

    Can I simply set the timeline to the delivery format?
    Is there a better way to do this?

    Also, not sure if it's a bug.
    When I render a test clip in the Delivery Page while changing the PAR to cinemascope (advanced settings), and go back in the media tab, the footage looks like it's not been de-squeezed. Does this option affect the entire project or just, temporary, the delivery? The manual don't say anything.
  2. this is the way it worked for my workflow:
    i set the timeline to the correct size (2048x(1536x2))
    Import the xml and change the par of the files to cinemascope
    There is no blanking to be applied.
    Export at the same size as the timeline (2048x(1536x2))

    Any delivery to HD or any other I do it in post software (Smoke)
  3. But whatever you do, make sure you don't use tracking. Whenever image attributes are set to cinemascope or any other type of anamorphic setting, tracking then is not working correctly.
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  4. That is exactly the way it has been working for me and as far as i remember tracking was fine at least i remember it was as all the faces needed to be masked.
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  5. True ! When will they fix this issue ? It's so annoying as an assistant to explain to the colourist that there is nothing to do about that..
  6. Go ahead and read ARRI's white paper on a good anamorphic setup. They even have Resolve settings in there (page 9, but read the first pages too).

    No issue with tracking etc there.

    Create a 2:1 input sizing preset and set timeline to output resolution (e.g. DCI 2K scope).

    Edit: to deliver a HD letterboxed version later, you just need to set the output sizing setting to HD or render to HD on the delivery page.
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  7. Have you yourself tried doing tracking with anamorphic material?
  8. Thank you for the info. Will do a test for the tracking and see. I guess will need to speak with BMD support, for sure they'll have a bug filed for it
  9. Actually what do you mean by (2048x(1536x2)) ?
  10. Yes, with the ARRI whitepaper workflow tracking hasn't been an issue for several features I've worked on. Although I think nowadays with the latest DaVinci versions tracking also works when the clip attributes are set to anamorphic. I've only tried this briefly though.
  11. I'd be curious to know if the issues happen if the resizing is done with Input Sizing vs. Clip Attributes (the latter of which is Edit Sizing).
  12. Just to make things clearer: the ARRI way I mentioned is using Input Sizing Presets(!) which sit before the Input Sizing controls and which can be applied from the Media Pool or Color Page thumbnail timeline. When using a preset, the Input Sizing controls stay at their original values, but the image is still scaled according to the preset values.

    I've never bothered with the Clip Attributes settings because the Input Sizing Preset thing has worked so well for me ever since I read that PDF a few years back.
  13. The term Clip Attributes implies a true attributes you set your clip to, i.e. if it's anamorphic 1.3, 1.5, 2, square or any other type of image you're working with. What you're proposing is to completely ignore a true attributes of a clip and to set it manually in order to work around the tracking bug. What about then sizing passed along in XML or AAF from the editor? Use a second node?
    Anyway, what is the point to even have Clip Attributes, if you can't use them?
    So, yeah, go ahead and add this workaround to the long list of Resolve bugs that never gets addressed, like inability to remove a cut from scene detected timeline and many others. Until people stop ignoring glaring bugs and complain, Blackmagic has no incentive to up the quality of their software...
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  14. (2048x(1536x2)) anamorphic x 2 is multiplyingg x2 the horizontal size. So 2048x3.072. in your case.
  15. That works perfectly too. It's not really a workaround, just a different approach which hasn't been broken (although I think the clip attribute thing works nowadays). Everything else works just like normal too with that workflow, so I don't see any problem with it :)
  16. Just setup two projects: one following ARRI guidelines and the other as per Javier and Voll (changing the PAR to cinemascope) and tested a tracking.
    All worked fine for me in both situation...
  17. I just did too and it does work. So the question now is, when was it fixed and why was it never mentioned in the release notes, because I tried using it a few months ago with either 12.5.1 or 12.5.2 and it didn't work as usual. Had anyone seen BM mention it, because I haven't seen any mentioned of the fix...
  18. Possibly the forgot to put it in the release notes
  19. Well... that one can be done, as we discussed elsewhere.
  20. On top of this, a curious thing happens.
    I have the anamorphic clip which looks square (unsqueezed) in Resolve but quicktime and scratch recognise and plays it already de-squeezed. Is just the way resolve interprets the footage? Because there's no metadata that I can relate to in the clip...

    EDIT what if I want to send to a very dumb client the same footage as source resolution with de-squeeze metadata injected? So he can playback the grade in quicktime and not asking: why is squared when I sent them a rectangular clip?
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