Resolve Collect 3.2 released

Nikolai Waldman Dec 1, 2016

  1. Resolve Collect 3.2 released.

    Resolve Collect copies source files used in a DaVinci Resolve project (Media Pool or Timeline) to a single destination using a DaVinci Resolve Project (.drp) file from V9, V10, V11, V12 and V12.5

    New in 3.2
    - Canon MXF spanned clip support
    - Sound when copying is done

    To download the new version visit
  2. Nikolai;
    any thoughts on porting to Windoze?
  3. Wow would love to have that on my PC !
  4. Yes, +1 for Windows. Especially since Apple has clearly and obviously abandoned, at least, the high-end content creation community.
  5. I will have a look at it, but I won't promise anything.
  6. Automatic Duck's Media Collect works on Windows and should get you the same result. It won't work from a .drp, but you can simply export an XML of your master timeline and it will collect all the files from that to the destination of your choice.

    It will be on sale 40% off December 6th.

    In my personal experience (on a Mac) Media Collect works faster and with fewer bugs than Resolve Collect. The fact that I can use it with formats from multiple apps and use it before pulling clips into Resolve (which can be slow on a large project) is a huge plus.
  7. So Jamie, please tell me all the bugs you have encountered with Resolve Collect. It's difficult to develop software when nobody reports any bugs.
  8. Three things I'd say for Nikolai's program that are positive benefits:

    • it's designed by a working colorist who knows Resolve

    • it's cheaper than Automatic Duck Collect (half the price)

    • Nikolai provides very good support and has been quick to provide fixes and new features.
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