Resolve Stills w/Burn In's

mike burton Oct 19, 2015

  1. Anyone know if there is a way to tell Resolve to maintain the burn in's when exporting stills?
  2. Can't be done as far as I know. I believe the still processing is done after color, sizing, and output LUT but before burn-in.

    A cheap workaround would be to render a file with the data burn-in, then bring that back into Resolve and grab new stills from that. Not ideal, I agree.

    What I wish is that the exported stills would automatically retain the name given to them in the Gallery pool. This could be extremely useful, certainly more than the cryptic timeline/clip/timecode number we have now.
  3. Thanks for the work around idea but there's no way I'm going to do a separate render just for burn-in. Express Dailies can do it so I thought it may have just been me.
    Feature request suggestion: add burn-in on stills export as an option please. In fact I'd love to see some other dailies improvements such as 6 channels of audio not being assumed to be 5.1 audio automatically and well if you're listening PM me for about a dozen other improvements including metadata extraction to Excel/CSV and PDF etc etc.
  4. I believe Pomfort Livegrade and Colorfront can also do it, but it's a lot more money.

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