Retain sound file names when syncing dailies

Joe Riggs Aug 9, 2016

  1. Hello,

    I have Pro Res transcodes that I'd like to batch sync by timecode, where if possible the synced file
    ends up retaining the sound file name (for the audio section of the synced clip).

    In Resolve, when I batch sync by timecode, everything in the resulting file is named after the
    footage file name. Is it possible to get it to retain the sound file name as well?

    On the left is the current result, on the right is what I'd like to achieve. I'd prefer to do this in resolve but if it cant be done, are there other programs that can do this?
  2. I'm not sure if that can be done. I didn't find a solution in 12.3 so we went with syncing audio in AVID and rendering webdailies from there. The video files were still prepared, graded and transcoded in DaVinci then, but audio was all done in AVID.
  3. Are you wanting to cut the resultant dailies in Resolve? If you're going into Avid there will be a way to make it happen with an ALE but I'd need to know the specifics of your workflow....
  4. If what you want is scene and take, you can get that via metadata tags in a custom filename. Just select "custom" and type in "%scene_%take" or whatever variation you want. If you're dealing with multiple cameras, and thus multiple shots with the same scene and take, you can add other tags or use "unique filenames." There's an entire chapter in the user's manual describing this and listing all the defined tags (chapter 44).
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