Smoke on mac anamorphic workflow

Michele Ricossa Jun 29, 2015

  1. Hi there,

    I am working with some anamorphic .ARI (4:3 2880x2160) and I can't find the proper way to de-squeeze and set the project on Smoke (Mac).. the output will be HD with 2:35 blanking

    I am a colourist and this is the first time I deal with Autodesk's software.. What I usually do on Resolve is to change the aspect ratio's clip attributes to Cinemascope and zoom the image to reach the 2:35.
    Could someone help me to understand how to do the same in Smoke?


  2. look here
  3. yea I found that topic before but I have dpx instead of mov, and in the format specific option page I cannot find the 'Enter Frame Aspect Ratio' opt..
  4. Hello Michele,

    It is probably to late for that show, but next time you can try using resize in format option on timeline or with resize for single clip, or you can in media hub force the size of imported clip to desired size, in your case it was 1920x817, with fill to stretch correctly image to HD cropped to 2.35

    both ways will resize with your choice of resampling, Lanczos or whatever.
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  5. Thanks Vladimir! It's long time I don't hear from you, hope you are doing well! Ciao!
  6. Have the same problem right now. Is the option actually called "resize in format" and is located somewhere on the timeline?
  7. Hi Stepan,

    there is "format option" button on timeline when you select a clip on timeline, as a part of timelineFX. And under format option you have resize.


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