Split RGB parade to compare two shots

LucíaBlanco Sep 28, 2016

  1. Maybe someone can help me with this question:

    Can I compare two signals at the same time (RGB parade) of two wiped shots like in Resolve?

    I would like to have the two signals at the same time for shot matching but when I have two cursors in wipe mode I only see the RGB parade of the selected one. I can select one cursor and then the other one and the scope will change but it will be easier to have the RGB parade split in two like in Resolve.

    I am using Baselight + Blackboard.

  2. Hello Lucia,
    unfortunately, the only way i know is to copy one strip under the other, insert dissolve and use a shape as a wipe.
    Not very comfortable, perhaps someone knows a better way.
    Have a nice day
  3. Hi Oliver,
    Thanks for the info but I need a quicker way ;)

    I will add this feature to the wishlist.
  4. you can use a timeline dve to zoom the main image 1/2, then di the same zoom for the reference.

    I'm used to keep flipping between the two images
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  5. Thanks Walter,

    Yes, for now the only option is to keep flipping between the two shots.

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