Stabilizer in fusion

riccardo vaia Jan 5, 2017

  1. Hey guys, i m almost a totally newbie in fusion. I have some graded footage in resolve and would like to stabilize it by fusion. Any tips to suggest?
  2. I think you have to use the tracker tool.
    Check on youtube, you have a lot of tutos there to do it.

    The Resolve stabilizer doesn't do the job for you ?
  3. Let us know if you find a way to stabilise in Fusion that's any better than resolve. As far as I know, Fusion only has a point tracker so you'd do a two point track to stabilise. Results using that method may or may not work very well.
  4. Yeah... I'm not satisfied with Resolve Stabilizer... I would try with Fusion: I heard rumors it works a lot better but absolutely don't know how to start ;-)
  5. This might help you make a start but it doesn't cover the built in tracker specifically...
  6. Nice one jamie thats great not really played with the connect part with fusion :)
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  7. You might try reading the manual, which explains it quite well.
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  8. Yeah, I really like the way Connect takes care of in & outs and removes the need to export/import and it feels much more integrated. I had trouble with it losing the link at random times but as soon as I set a custom path for it (and it stopped hiding the comps and renders in with all the other caches!) it's worked very well.

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