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Ken Sirulnick Dec 12, 2016

  1. So being that I'm working in MC with Baselight for Avid, I'm fine using the Avid Reformat effect to subdivide the Baselight effect. I did try Subdivide all edits in Baselight just to see if it worked since I upgraded my MC version from 8.6.3 (F5/F6 keys not working) to 8.6.5. Subdivide wasn't really working before and now it kind of works. It did subdivide the Baselight effect over the clips it was on top of, however if there was a motion fx clip (timewarp) it subdivided into 1 frame clips over the entire timewarped clip. Again, I will generally not be using the Baselight Subdivide but thought it was worth mentioning.
  2. I find that if you have a filler gap in the timeline the subdivide all edits on works upto the point of the filler gap
  3. That makes sense kind of. It;s the timewarped clip that gets subdivided into individual frames that's odd.
  4. I would guess that timewarp means that because the timecode is not incrementing one exact frame at a time, BL sees each frame as a timecode discontinuity, and therefore a cut. Don't forget, BL can't "see" the Avid timeline. It just interprets the metadata it gets.
  5. i guess i've avoided that bullet, i've used both methods, i usualy start with the Baselight subdivide as it's fewer button clicks + i can set the input/stacks/output for the project before subdivideing it... working in BLE today, no issues with subdivide, but i'll have to go look at the timeline in Avid, it's not unusual for me to have show with no fluidmotion effects atall
  6. The beta version of 4.4m1 has a new subdivide which works way better with motion effects and filler.

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