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Jason Myres Nov 13, 2014

  1. welp, I gave in to temptation. I signed out of the tapatalk app, and upon logging back in, no more LGG. disabled by forum admin. woe is me.

    really hope this can be resolved. or some sort of mobile browser skin that is actually easy to use takes its place, as I mostly read and post through tapatalk.
  2. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Sorry you lost access to it, but thanks for the feedback. So, I guess it was actually still active, and "disable" really just means "no new mobile logins". For now we've removed Tapatalk completely, and as soon as they have a new update we can give it a try again. We could re-install an older version, but that seems like a short-term solution. If we're going to continue to use it, we really need to be able to take advantage of their newest versions without worrying that something's going to break, otherwise it's better to just find another option.
  3. Here's hoping you get Tapatalk support back. I use it for multiple forums and would love to add this one for easy daily reading.
  4. any word on getting tapatalk back? due to the places I work and the way my days are scheduled, I am pretty much only able to browse here and other such websites on my phone. I miss LGG!
  5. +1
  6. Yeah, I'd really like to have Tapatalk back.
  7. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    I miss it, too. Let me see if they've released a new version. If they have, we'll install it tonight, and you guys can give it a try.
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  8. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    I looked into re-installing Tapatalk tonight. Beyond the odd issues they've had with their app, it looks like they have also recently been hacked. This thread includes a copy of the notice they sent out:


    The main issue is they don't know what the extent of the hack was. They initially thought it was limited to their support forum, but now it appears spyware has been collecting usernames, passwords, and personal information. If you're using Tapatalk for other forums I would read though this.

    As for us, the responsible move is to hold off on using their service until it's clear it won't affect us negatively. Since they can't give us specifics, that means we have to be cautious about opening forum access to them.

    There aren't many good Tapatalk alternatives. However, we're planning a major update to the forum that will give phone and tablet users a fully responsive, mobile-friendly interface. That should make using the forum easier again.

    I wish I had better news, but I'll keep an eye on it in case things improve.
  9. Good luck with new server software!
  10. Thanks for trying.
  11. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Update: I've been watching the Tapatalk forums to see if they've resolved issues with app and service over the last year. Things aren't very positive. Some comments from the App Store:


    Still bad
    by JinormusJ
    Tapatalk is officially dead; the developers aren't listening, and they are continuing to drive Tapatalk straight into the ground.

    Still way to bloated.
    by J3 Diver
    I need to be able to see more then one thread at a time. An what's with the like button in the the menu area. I think it would be good to read the tread before you decided if you want to like it or not. You guys are way off with your base. Thankfully I have the last good version on my computer I can revert to. About 4 versions ago.

    Forget it.
    by macguru-42
    I've used TapaTalk since version 2 and it is an unmitigated disaster at this point. I tried to create an account on their forums to post my issues to them, but they will not even certify my account so I can post.


    So, as a note for the foresee-able future, Tapatalk is not an option. There also seems to be no worthwhile replacement (i.e. ForumRunner). If you find one, feel free to post it, and we'll look into it. Beyond that, we do have the option to make LGG more mobile friendly. It will require bringing the forum down for a few days, but it should be possible in the coming weeks. It would also be good to get it done before NAB. More updates soon.
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  12. Sound's like good plan!
  13. Thanks for staying on top of this.
  14. I mean, if cherrypicking a couple bad reviews from the app store means a given app is bad, then pretty much no app ever has any business being used by anyone. I mean have you guys heard of this official "Twitter" app? some guy in Toledo thinks it is terrible on his Chinese Android 2.2 phone.

    seriously though, I can assure you Tapatalk is perfectly alive and well. I have used it pretty much every day for literally the past couple years.

    check out http://forums.roadbikereview.com/forum.php and https://pistol-forum.com/

    the road bike review forum has 195,000 members, pistol forum has 7,000. I invite you to check out the Tapatalk experience on both of them. Everything works, the application is responsive, Tapatalk 4.11.x has been (on Android 4/5) (in my experience) as stable as it has ever been. I also have it on my iPad with similar, boringly reliable performance for the above sites.

    But it sounds like it doesn't gel with how you'd like to run things, and that is quite a shame, because as you said, there is not a replacement outside of a mobile browser skin that is worth it. which it sounds like I'll have to settle for...

    my final plea, and then I'll STFU on the issue - Tapatalk works great thousands of other places much bigger than here, it used to work great here, and it can work great here again.

    and I must say, shame on vBulletin for letting a 3rd party try and tackle this (which of course is going to be a constant moving target for them as vBulletin is patched) and not coming up with a Tapatalk-like app that they make and control. Most of planet is consuming much of its media on mobile devices these days, you'd think they'd read the writing on the wall and get with the times.
  15. so, I hit send, and then had a thought. "maybe this isn't vBulletin...."

    nope. boy is my face red.

    so, I have never heard of XenForo. Honestly I didn't think there was really anything other than vBulletin as a serious choice. I bet that's the problem, the tapatalk people spend the most time on the vBulletin version as it is easily the most popular.

    so, I amend my above statement to "the Tapatalk experience with the mentioned forums that run on vBulletin is about as flawless as it can be".

  16. So is there any changes. I really miss LGG on my phone.
  17. I'm a huge fan of tapatalk, without it I'm hardly ever around to post here.
  18. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    I do too, I just wish they would work a little harder on getting the bugs ironed out. I mean, unless you actually did include a random screenshot from Aliens in your post...

  19. Yeah, I've wondered about that. Thread previews often contain random images not appearing in the threads.

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