Tarkovskij Polaroids Look

riccardo vaia Sep 6, 2016

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm working on a landscapes and portraits project trying to achieve the Tarkovskij Polaroids cast...

    The cameras are BMCC and BMPCC, vintage and Rokinon lenses.
    Grading by Resolve 12.5 with FilmConvert.

    Any tips to suggest?

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  2. if shooting to produce these ...you will may need a smoke machine ......i wouldn't try and introduce too much of the colour casts in camera you can do that in post

    also try and shoot it early morning or early evening to get that haze

    here is one i made earlier :)

    that's magic hour for you can give you the dreamy soft look straight of the bat.... i just pushed a bit of pink into this to make if feel more sunset

    try not to use filmconvert in post...... look at, and analyze those images and just work out whats going on and do it manually resolve colour wise ....that may not sound super helpful but the moment you drop filmconvert on it you won't know what really happening to the image or understand the result

    the image i have posted is just the Arri 709 log lut cranked down a bit to leave some to the "loggy ness" in it ..... you need to be more extreme to be with the colours..... but the softness comes straight out of camera ...it was shot on a old pentax 28mm which is 20 odd year old ...so your on the right path with the vintage lens ..that will help a lot

    i have one which puts a yellow and blue cast straight into the shoot from the get go ......a batter old vivitar 17mm ...we use it all the time

    but experiment and experiment and.......experiment...... as much as you can and use the time of day and natural light as much as possible for stuff like this

    good luck
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  3. Yeah, you're such very kind. Thanx.
    I'm going that way on early evening in next autumn... hoping for some haze in the air and setting just a little bit of backlit with some acute angles... I guess I use vivitar, computar and rokinon.

    My idea is a little different in post: more 'aggressive'... I'm doing some tests (but it's summertime here and too bright ;-) for now) and I graded with film convert Polaroid 600, layered with a 'nuance' of cross-processing properly keyed and some glowing.
    I'm quiet on the right way but not yet satisfied.

    About cross-processing, what do you think?

  4. well cross processing won't really help to achieve this any way ....and how do you emulate a chemical process like that properly ....unless you use some kind of approximation LUT or even try to approximate in with grade

    i mean cross processing is developing a film in the wrong chemicals basically ...

    but the main this , that's has nothing to do with the polaroid look so i would just leave that alone, 600 has that look straight from the get go ...the yellow cast was free in every picture :)

    but i will say this just once more ...don,t use filmconvert ....if you get that look manually ...you will have learned so much more about how colour /resolve works
  5. Take the gang lock off from curves and go to town.
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  6. Jon Coy

    Jon Coy

    What Tero said!

    I shot this little piece on a Red Scarlet-X as part of a little series of camera tests leading up to my first feature on the camera. Color was clearly inspired by Tarkovsky's polaroids.

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