The definitive Orange-Teal Blockbuster Look thread (let’s do it!)

Felix Hüsken Aug 17, 2016

  1. I don't see a way beyond a layer mixer and a key, sometimes with masks. You can do curves and secondaries before that to make it a little more predictable, and if you were trying to preserve precise hair color, multiple tracking windows (or even attached VFX masks) could help clean them up. There are shows and films out there where they essentially cut the characters out of the background and correct everything in separate passes (ala The Revenant), which would be one way to exercise extremely precise control over every facet. But it's very time-consuming.

    The beauty of Stranger Things was that it had vastly different looks in different parts of the show: the kids' homes looked one way, the evil laboratory looked another way, the daytime streets looked very "normal" most of the time, the school looked yet another way (but still normal), the "upside down" dimension had its own definitive look... there was no one look, and certainly no consistent orange/teal. Skip Kimball at Tech did a terrific job on it, aided by the cinematographers.
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  2. I can't help thinking some of that sounds overcomplicated to achieve a smooth 'warping' of the colours... Some of the DaVinci Kodak LUTs have a similar look, quite smooth and more subtle. I'd prefer too build it myself though. It would be nice to have the tools in 3D LUT Creator as node. I'll keep tweaking with the regular curves though.
  3. Okay, maybe I misjudged that film's look when skipping through the trailer. Didn't seem as one the nose as the other ones back then :D

    Yeah, that's definitely a problem. Like always, good lighting and production design helps a lot here.
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