The Night of - Look

hakan palioğlu Nov 15, 2016

  1. Hello everyone;

    I am trying new looks on my Resolve, what do you think about The Night of? its like black and white but not its dark and faces are like white stone.. Is this a LUT ? or How can I get ? any opinion?


  2. Jack Jones Colourist

    Jack Jones Colourist Original Member

    Awesome series with some clear grading as well as lighting.

    Personally I wasn't a big fan of the look but I could see and appreciate what they were going for and it was nice and consistent which is a minimum and becoming more of a rarity these days!

    All very achievable with any grading toolset, after all a LUT can just be a grade.

    I say that you should have a play, although I'd advise using similarly lit footage, and it'll greatly aid your look development skills.
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  3. I think there's some very careful keys and soft clips going on. LUTs will not accomplish this. Hard work and good lighting can do it. Experimentation helps.

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