Timecode reseting during transcode

Stepan Kozlov Oct 15, 2015

  1. So i've been given a premiere pro file that links to transcodes that had timecode reset to I've also been given the red raw originals. So right now i'm just trying to work backwards and understand how you can reset timecode during transcode so I can make sure none of our clients do that ever. I've tried Red Cine X and tried to mimic the process that the data wrangler might have gone through. But I always get the correct timecode. I've tried media encoder, it also keeps it. I know resolve keeps it as-well.

    So the question: how does one manage to transcode and reset the TC?

  2. When one messes up or doesn't know what one is doing. I once had to do an online for a feature and the DIT forgot to put the reel info in the editor proxies. A few hour job turned into 12 hours.
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  3. Yes but if you just chuck the R3D clip into red cine or resolve or media encoder and render to prores on default settings, you always have source TC. So even a person with no understanding of anything could not mess it up in these 3 programs. So what program did they use?
  4. Are you aware of Murphy's law?
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  5. Ok I'll rephrase. I have a bunch of clips with timecode. I need to reset it. How do I do that in an automatic way (not like making a new comp in nuke importing and exporting a fresh clip)?
  6. Older versions of After Effects would strip timecode and reset it to 00:00:00:00 -- maybe they used something like that for the transcode?
  7. Yeah I thought that as-well but then doing that for 4 mags worth of shooting is a bit complicated. Anyway, i've started rebuilding the edit by eye now. Lucky it's not a machine gun edit with a millions cuts. Still i'm always baffled when people do this.
  8. In Media Encoder 2015 It looks like when you go into the export option at the bottom right near the "Use Maximum Render Quality" and "Use Frame Blending" checkboxes there is one that says "Start timecode at 00:00:00:00" timecode box.JPG
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