Too many audio tracks

Joe Riggs Aug 9, 2016

  1. Sometimes, I'll get audio files where the sound mixer recorded 8 tracks, some of them being blank.
    Or sometimes 4 of the tracks are clearly inferior. Having to work with 8 tracks in the offline edit is rather cumbersome, and from what I understand, when there's the luxury of a mix track, the dailies would just be created utilizing the mix track.

    So, is it possible in Resolve or other software to batch sync and let it know to only use the first few tracks or only certain tracks of a 8 track polyphonic .wav file?
  2. I'm trying very very hard to remember this audio app that can switch of and/or rearrange tracks in polyphonic wavs. It's made by a audio hardware supplier and it's free... It has Wave in its name...


    5 minutes later: Wave Agent!
  3. Hi Pepijn,

    I've used Wave Agent before, great program. You end up with new audio files which is good,
    but am unsure how that works when post sound needs to conform to all the tracks, maybe it's fine if TC is maintained.
    Furthermore, this option has to be done pre-syncing, it would be nice if this could be an option as you sync in an NLE,
    as it would be easier to determine which tracks not to sync.
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  4. TC is maintained with Wave Agent. If the sound mixer did his or her job, they'd just make a mono mix for dailies, and all the other tracks are isos. If you just need channel 1 for dailies, it would theoretically be possible to strip out channels 2-8 (or whatever's there) and drop those in a different folder.

    It would also be possible to ask the sound department to deliver two CF cards or drives: one with just the dailies mix by itself (mono only), and the other all the tracks, including mono mix and isos.

    If they're not doing a mono mix, shoot them.
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  5. As Marc states, it is common for the Recordist to supply mono mix and isos. They ought to ask prior to the shoot what the client wants in case they want something non-standard. Supplying a poly, as the original poster got is not unusual but it is usually in addition to the mono and isos.

    If you are on a Mac and have Logic you could import the poly and send out or bounce a mono mix or the isos. There is also Pro Tools and Nuendo (not sure if Cubase can cope with polys), if you have access to those tools and surprisingly you can bring in polys into Premiere and massage them a bit including only importing select tracks from a poly file. Oh and Adobe Audition can be used as well, if you have that laying around.

    I have used Wave Agent a few times and it has worked. Found Resolve, depending on the version, has mixed results with Poly files. I recall a few times it brought the application to a halt. I once brought a poly into QuickTime 7 and exported the poly with only the active tracks on it. You have to do some menu sleuthing to do this but it is doable in a pinch.

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