Upscaling and edge detection in Baselight

Mark Mulcaster Jan 4, 2017

  1. (using 4.41m)

    Is there a way to add some form of a highs filter or edge detection to add a bit of subtle sharping in Baselight?

    I have some footage (quite a bit) thats 1920x1080p 10-bit thats being used in a UHD programme.
    Obviously i know you can't really do too much if the detail isn't there to begin with,
    In Mistika we built a nice subtle edge detection that just helped add bit of sharpness in places of fine detail; hair, eyes etc.
    So i was wondering if anyone knew the best route to do something similar (or better) in Baselight?
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  2. This is not very helpful but can you not do the same thing you do in mistika in baselight?
  3. Hello ,
    there are at least two sharpening tools in baselight. The normal sharpen tool in the "insert" menu, which have a variety of controls functions
    (Referenz manual page 569) and the "old" sharpen tool with less controls. If you resize the image, there is the possibility to choose between a number of resize algorithems in the input layer "Image transforms settings" (Referenz manual page 117)

    best regards
  4. Sharpening works great if you downsample a video but it is not so good if you upsample one. Most sharpening algorithms use edge "enhancement" by increasing contrast around edges.

    A better alternative is to use a warp sharpening technique. Warp sharpening makes sharp things sharper by thinning them instead of increasing the contrast. Warpsharp functions are available in Avisynth/Vapoursynth and also in some plugins.

    Here is an example used for image processing in GIMP:

    I have heard there is a warpsharp plugin for FCP but I ever used that one.
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  5. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    What you're describing is a high pass sharpen, so this thread may give you some ideas:

    I haven't tested this, but if you want to try using Matchbox shaders in Baselight, here are a few you can check out...
  6. I have no idea if you can do this is base light but just a thought if your pretty noise free in the image split out the L channel in LAB colour if you can switch to LAB...... and just sharpen that it works great on edges but you only need to sharpen it a tiny bit other wise it a very strong effect
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  7. Thanks Jason & Gavin, are matchbox shaders avaible to use in Baselight 4.4 or just in the upcoming Version 5?
    I'm not sure you can switch to LAB - thats something that im not very familiar with if im honest.
    Ill do some reading!
  8. Hello,
    Matchbox shaders will be available in V 5. They are not available in 4.4.
    Concerning LAB. I found only one hint in the manual concerning LAB. In the color mixer (Ref Manual p 481)
  9. You can use Lab in Baselight by using the "ColourSpace" operator. Insert one and you'll have the option for "RLab" in the drop-down. You then add another one which converts back to the working space. In between the two operators, you are using Lab.
  10. What does the R stand for?

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