What's new in Autodesk Lustre 2014

Jason Myres Nov 2, 2015

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    What's New In Lustre 2014

    Lustre ShotReactor

    Lustre ShotReactor is a background rendering service that automatically renders grading decisions when you navigate away from the last shot you graded. Lustre automatically detects any changes to the grade and only sends those changes to the ShotReactor.

    ShotReactor can be configured in two ways.

    On your local Workstation (this is the default configuration).
    On a remote server.

    Note: Running a rendering service such as ShotReactor on the creative workstation as a background task may impact interaction and playback performance, based on the resolution of your project, the configuration of the workstation, etc.

    Stereo 3D

    Floating Window

    When grading Stereo 3D content, it may happen that certain elements of the scene are present in one eye but not the other. It is now possible to apply a Floating Window that crops part of Stereo 3D content that is only displayed in one eye, preserving the 3D illusion.

    Floating Window Lock

    Floating Window parameters can be locked using the Tool Locking feature.

    Support for 2048x1080 rasters

    Stereo mode now supports for 2048x1080 rasters at various rates.

    ASC Color Decision List (ASC CDL)

    Cut-based CDL Data

    When you import an EDL with CDL comments, or a sequence with CDL data from Smoke or Flame, the CDL data is stored in the Cut file. If you modify that CDL data, it gets saved with the Grade. This means that you can revert back to the original CDL data, by reloading the original Cut.

    Note: If you create the CDL data in Lustre, from scratch, it is only stored in the Grade, not the Cut.

    EDL Export with CDL Data

    It is now possible to export an EDL from Lustre with CDL data. The CDL data is either stored in the Cut or the Grade (see above).

    Lock CDL Tool

    The Use CDL button can now be locked, using the Tools Locking feature.

    Interoperability with Smoke and Flame

    ASC CDL comments from a sequence conformed in Smoke or Flame are now supported in Lustre.
    Animation Editor

    Curves Copy & Paste to/from any channel

    You can now copy and paste animation curves to and from any channel in the Animation Editor.

    New Curves Functions

    Lustre now supports all of the same curves functions as Flame and Smoke.

    Secondaries Master Axis

    In the Animation Editor, it is now possible to control the following parameters for all shapes on all secondaries for a shot:
    Center X
    Center Y
    Offset X
    Offset Y
    Rotate Z
    Scale X
    Scale Y


    Support for Flags, Notes, and Group in Change Cut

    Flags, notes and Group settings are now carried over when you perform a Change Cut.

    Match Cut flags for Change Cut

    It is now easier to see to which shots in the sequence grading decisions were applied from a previous version of the sequence when performing a Change Cut:

    Thumbnails of shots to which grading decision were applied from a Change Cut are updated with the new grade.

    Thumbnails of shots to which grading decision were applied from a Change Cut, based on partial matching are updated with the new grade and display the Partial Match Flag (orange flag).

    Thumbnail of shots to which grading decision were not applied from a Change Cut are shown with the Failed Match (red flag). This is due to non-matching criteria or to new shots having been added to the sequence that require grading.

    Partial Matching for Change Cut

    When performing a Change Cut, Lustre uses the various Match options to transfer grading decisions from one cut to another. By default, Strict Matching is enabled and the criteria have to match exactly. In some visual effects workflows however, it happens that file names differ between editorial versions even though they are comprised of the same shots. For these cases, you can now perform partial matching using the Custom Match option and disabling Strict matching. In the following examples, a match can be made based on partial criteria:

    The original sequence name is seq1_shot1_version1, while the updated sequence name is seq1_shot1_version2.
    The Change Cut is performed based on a Custom/DLEDL Clip name.
    When a match is based on partial criteria, the partial match flag is displayed in the Storyboard.
    Storyboard content re-ordering when working with a Collapsed Group.
    You can now reorder shots in Storyboard view when working with a Collapsed Group.

    Gang/Solo new colour

    When enabling the Solo mode while working with grouped shots, the storyboard thumbnails outline for the shots that are not soloed is now grey, making it easy to identify the currently soloed shot.

    Media Import and Export

    The following codecs are now supported on import:
    Sony XAVC in HD and 4K.
    Sony XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX and XDCAM 422 format in QuickTime files.
    1080/60p timing in Panasonic AVC-Intra Class 100 clips.
    Panasonic AVC-Intra Class 200
    RGBA OpenEXR.

    Note: Lustre does not render RGBA OpenEXR files. Do not use the Same As Scans rendering option. Use the OpenEXR RGB rendering option if you want to render 16-bit half float media files.

    OpenEXR 2.0

    Decoding and playback optimization. The multi-part and deep pixel features are not supported: only the first part of a multi-part file can be accessed, and deep pixel channels are ignored.

    Note: The resolution of the matte channels has to be identical to the one of the beauty pass that will be used for secondary color grading.

    The Film Keycode database has been updated with the latest film stocks codes used with DPX.

    Lustre now supports exporting OpenEXR with RLE (Run-Length Encoding) compression

    Project Management

    Grade Loading Option at Startup

    You now have a preference, in the Project Settings, to load a grade at startup. Options are:
    Project Based: Loads the last grade used in the project.
    User Based: Loads the last grade used by the current user.
    Never Load: Does not load a grade at startup.

    Copy Project Locations for Burn and ShotReactor

    You can now copy the project location paths from theproject settings to the Network Rendering settings menu, by clicking the From Project button.

    Show Notes on On-Screen View

    When activating the On-Screen View mode (Ctrl+W), the notes you added to the shot are displayed alongside the shot name.

    ShotReactor Job Priority

    You can define whether jobs sent to ShotReactor are placed at the start or the end of the background rendering queue.

    User Interface

    Select All keyboard shortcut in text fields

    You can now use the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut to select all the text displayed in the application's text fields.

    Delete without confirmation

    You can now delete saved grades from the Grade Bin without needing to confirm, by using the Ctrl+Delete keyboard shortcut.

    Message when loading & saving Grade Bin and Preset

    A confirmation message is now displayed in the user interface when loading and saving grades in the Grade Bin, as well as Presets.

    Grade Bin cursor issue with Grade Bin containing a lot of content

    The Grade Bin scroll bar now remains large enough to select, even when the Grade Bin contains a lot of content.

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