White Balance

Andrew Ray Sep 21, 2015

  1. Ha! Dermot i,m totally with you i use L*a*b on everything now ...even for a bit of colour noise reduction and sharpening ..

    if any one is interested pick up dan Margulis book "photoshop lab color second edition" ...work thru it in photoshop then just apply that knowledge back into resolve

    the comedy thing is i had been using it for ages in photoshop but total missed it going it to resolve, i think it was actually you who mentioned it dermot some time ago ..then i had a total homer simpson moment...duh ..and have been using it every since just like i used to in photoshop its fantastic :)
  2. Thanks!!! I dont have that much shots already graded... so it's not a big deal... I just thought there will be a way to do it, but I just won´t touch the raw parameters for this film!
    Thanks for the help!!
  3. At the last Baselight v5 demo a couple of weeks ago Danieli demonstrated, using Temp controls with the standard RAW adjustments (I think it was ARRI RAW, but I can't remember exactly) and using the new temp Controls algorithms in V5 showed there was no difference in resulting image. The new Basegrade tool even calibrates exposure in standard F-stops, as opposed to some arbitrary numbers- 0 to 100. In other words, with Basegrade use, the idea is to stop using RAW adjustments altogether, as they can be difficult to use.
    I, for one, can't wait to stop using RAW controls.
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  4. Interesting:) Do you also use the rgb sliders when in lab as was noted before?
  5. no just the curves i just transposed everything i knew from photoshop straight into resolve noise reduction/sharping and the colour balance ..works like a charm and its quick
  6. Thanks, i've done manually the ones graded before! the same layer works for the same ofsets on the raw.
    Just one last thing... I haven´t seen any colour Temperture operator, where is it?
    Thank you guys!
  7. Sorry, I just found out that although the Colour Temperature operator is available in the betas of Prelight and Baselight for Avid, it is not visible by default in full Baselight. I believe it can be added in the Extra Plugins tab of the preferences.

    Apologies for any confusion caused.

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